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        Natural Hand Sanitisers

        It might seem like a paradox to describe a sanitiser as ‘natural’, given that we often understand the term ‘natural’ as being found in nature, gentle and harmonious with life.

        The purpose of a sanitiser is to eradicate seemingly natural organisms - bacteria and viruses which could potentially initiate disease. The challenge we face as formulators of natural sanitisers is establishing a balance between effectiveness and gentleness. From our research and experience, the best natural sanitisers have ingredients that are found in nature and also exhibit properties that fight/inhibit harmful micro-organisms we may come into contact with.

        Organic Hand Sanitiser Ingredients

        Many plants have evolved to have protective mechanisms to ensure survival, which is why we utilise the wonderful properties of essential oils when considering formulations for natural sanitisers. Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium, Cedarwood, Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang are all-natural essential oils with such properties.

        They also happen to be luxurious and beautifully fragrant, also providing skin nourishment which is even more important with the frequency of cleaning our hands these days. Some of our natural hand sanitisers also contain alcohol (ethanol). Alcohols are naturally occurring compounds with highly effective antiseptic activity. It’s why they are used in hospitals, and importantly during surgery, to avoid infections and healing complications. The World Health Organisation recommends the natural antiseptic powers of alcohol for cleaning hands and offers specifications for use in its guidelines.

        Wellbeing Island has all the natural hand sanitiser formulations that get results, keep you safe, and keep the planet safe.

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