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        Cotton Face Masks

        Faced with the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, Jack N’ Jill Kids and Planet Luxe set about the mission of producing face masks to help stop the spread of the virus.

        Working closely with trusted partners Jack N’ Jill Kids & Planet Luxe put natural wellbeing, health and safety at the top of their priority list and developed a range of cotton face masks for everyone from young toddlers to grandparents!

        Three Fabric Layers To Filter Airborne Particles

        With a focus on sustainability, the face mask range is all made using the natural fibre of cotton.

        Using the advice of the World Health Organisation, Jack N’ Jill/Planet Luxe masks are triple-layered with refills available to order, ensuring a high level of hygiene and protection is maintained.

        Our Mask Makers Create For All Shapes & Sizes

        As everyone is unique in their face shape, the masks have elastic, adjustable straps to ensure a tight and safe fit as well as comfort for the long days of wearing our cotton face masks!

        Jack N’ Jill Cotton face masks come in varied designs to entice children to wear the masks and help them personalize the experience. For families with several children, the designs help differentiate who owns each mask, therefore avoiding sharing and the potential spread of germs.

        Our Planet Luxe Cotton face mask comes in black and grey, befitting one of Australia’s most desirable designer brands!

        Cotton masks that are waste-free is a conscious choice to make when purchasing masks in the current climate, in order to avoid contributing to the issues that are caused to the planet by disposable, single-use products.

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