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Natural Oral Care

We love teeth. And we love feeling well. A healthy mouth full of healthy teeth is a wonderful thing, and we can keep it that way with the right habits and the best products. We know that habits are hard to break, so we try to make sure to create GOOD habits!

A Better Kids Oral Care Routine

We start young with Jack N’ Jill; as soon they have a tooth to clean we’re on it. Even before our little ones understand why we brush, we give them an unforgettable experience, day and night, with the best tasting (safe if swallowed) toothpaste under the sun. Fussy? Packed with xylitol, we have 9 different super yum flavours! All are ECO-CERT verified so you know they’re safe). The best kids toothpaste brand in the world also makes the best kids toothbrushes (of course!).

Jack N’ Jill eco-friendly and compostable Bio-Toothbrushes are super soft and simple to use. Our Tickle Tooth Sonic brush (0-6yrs) is specifically designed for tiny teeth and mouths and even comes with an inspection light so you can see how you’re going whilst you brush their teeth! Jack N’ Jill Buzzy Brush is the world’s coolest electric rotary brush which sings to your child for 2 minutes whilst they brush. Fun!

Jack N’ Jill Silicone Toothbrushes provide a complete set of brushes suitable from the very beginning. Medical Grade silicone is pure and easy to clean, perfect for babies and toddlers.

Flossing is super fun with Jack N’ Jill Fairy Floss Picks! Individually wrapped and easy to fit in a pocket or school bag these biodegradable marvels are simply magic!

Jack N’ Jill Natural Teething Gel provides gentle relief when they need it most - using calendula and chamomile and a soothing gel base whilst avoiding harsh chemicals. Mild vanilla tastes yum!

Healthier, Safer & More Natural Oral Hygiene

It’s not just kids that have all the fun, The Natural Family Co. is our ‘all ages’ oral care brand and is best known for pioneering the biodegradable and compostable toothbrush! Soft bristles as recommended by the dentist and a silky smooth mouthfeel, come in all the great colours.