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Planet Luxe - Home & Cleaning Products

On our never-ending quest to elevate our wellbeing, we can’t simply focus on diet and exercise. Our homes are repositories of potentially harmful chemicals. Look under the kitchen or laundry sink!

Absolutely No Harmful Chemicals!

Planet Luxe is a range of safe, beautiful & natural cleaning products for the home, complemented by a series of personal care essentials.

Our Planet Luxe Dish Wash, House Cleaner (Australian Lemon Myrtle) and Hand Wash (with added Ylang Ylang & Kakadu Plum) will keep your kitchen and bathroom looking spotless and smelling divine.

Blending functional essential oil extracts to hygienically clean surfaces and sinks, Planet Luxe is meticulously crafted to perform. Planet Luxe Laundry Liquid is gentle on your clothes as well as your washing machine whilst keeping toxins out of your home and the environment (all products are grey water safe).

Luxurious, Effective & Organic

Planet Luxe floor cleaner with Rose Geranium will give a safe sparkle to your hard floors and leave the room smelling clean and fresh. Planet Luxe Toilet Cleaner uses safe, natural and powerful Eucalyptus Oil, leaving your bathroom smelling like the Australian Outback, not an airport urinal. No chlorine or bleach here!

Planet Luxe Glass Cleaner with Bergamot provides a crystal clear finish - perfect for around the house as well as your car.

Luxuriate in the shower with our Planet Luxe Body Wash with Vanilla Flower & Macadamia Oil, or our Coconut, Orange Pearl and Ylang Ylang blend. Visitors to your bathroom sink will love Planet Luxe Hand Wash with Chamomile, Lavender & Clary Sage, followed by our nourishing hand balm with Palmarosa, Orange Pearl and Coconut. Planet Luxe Artisan Hand Crafted Soaps with natural exfoliant Poppy Seeds, Rose Petals, Black Anise or Lemon Myrtle.

Planet Luxe is for home lovers who demand effective cleaning without all the toxins and appreciate beauty even whilst enduring the rigours of keeping house.

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