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House Cleaner - Australian Lemon Myrtle Blend 500mL


Dish Wash - Australian Lemon Myrtle Blend 500mL


Glass Cleaner - Bergamot Blend 500mL


Freshen Up Spray - Lavender Blend 200mL


Floor Cleaner - Rose Geranium Blend 1000mL


Laundry Liquid - Australian Lemon Myrtle Blend 1000mL


Toilet Cleaner - Australian Eucalyptus Blend 1000mL


Microfibre Cleaning Cloth 30cm x 30cm - 2 Pack


Planet Luxe Gift Caddy


Planet Luxe Caddy


Hand Sanitiser Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang & Clary Sage 50mL


Hand Sanitizer Lavender, Bergamot & Geranium 50mL


Natural Home Cleaning Products

Our home is ideally our island, our sanctuary and our safe place.

Most of us spend much of our lives in our homes (if we include our sleepy time).

Therefore it is vitally important to think about what we use to clean the surfaces, fabrics and floors within our sanctuary.

With rising numbers of illnesses globally, we now know that chemicals have a significant impact on our biological systems. Exposure to chemicals during our lives can cause significant disruption to our endocrine system which in turn alters disease susceptibility later in life.

A wide range of substances can cause endocrine disruption and at Planet Luxe we have worked hard to identify these culprits and keep them away from our products and homes.

Natural Cleaners & Their Natural Cleaning Power!

Chemical-based house sprays, dishwashing liquids, floor cleaners and fabric washes all leave residual chemicals on everything they come into contact with in the home - and as humans, we experience a build-up of these chemicals in our bodies over years.

Planet Luxe natural home cleaning products not only have similar efficacy to mainstream products, but they do not contain harmful chemicals that pollute the human body and the planet.

Natural home cleaning is about choosing an alternative and is part of a global movement away from chemical-based wellbeing.

Planet Luxe natural House Spray uses a natural botanical blend of essential oils, organic herbs and plant extracts to clean household surfaces while leaving a subtle and beautiful natural scent. Lavender, sweet orange, coconut, lemon myrtle and Kakadu plum all combined - to replace typical chemicals and bleaches.

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Not only surfaces but clothes also hold chemical residue from clothes detergents that can be absorbed over time through the skin and again potentially contribute to illness. Planet Luxe natural laundry liquid uses natural ingredients to clean and freshen, again doing away with unnecessary chemicals.

Dish liquid, freshening sprays and floor cleaners - all a part of the natural home cleaning range at Planet Luxe.